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Rings & Accessories
Automotive Accessories & Car Jewelry

Inspired by the history of automotive design, my goldsmith's studio creates unique pieces of jewelry such as Car-Rings, Car-Pendants and Car-Cufflinks. Each piece is individually crafted in many steps and designed with great attention to detail. Price and delivery time depend on the model and complexity. Contact me for a non-binding offer.

Please note that these are not official products of the respective manufacturer, but homages to the design of classic car models.

Discover handcrafted, personalized Car-Rings with stunning details. Whether it's a Classic-Car, Hot-Rod, Truck, Limousine, or Sports Muscle-Car, almost any model can be crafted into a ring.

Customized Car-Rings
No. AR#S

925 Silver or Gold

Info & dimensions depend on model

Height approx. 8-13 mm
Width approx. 25-30
Weight approx. 20-45 g
Blackened and polished

Price starts at
€ 320 in Silver order|request

You also have the option of having the individual design of your car made as Car-Cufflinks, Car-Necklace or as a Car-Belt-Buckle.
Exact details and prices are available on request.

Customized Car-Accessories
No. AA#S

925 Silver or Gold

Info & dimensions depend on model

as Car-Cufflinks
as Car-Necklace
as Car-Belt-Buckle
your idea

Price starts at
€ 300 in Silver order|request

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